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Gogo  1

 My name's  Gogo

Gogo 2

What's his name

Gogo 3

She's my mother

Gogo 4

 What's this?

Gogo  5

Is that a tiger?

Gogo 8

How old are you ?

Gogo 9

How many are there

Gogo 10

What's the time please

Gogo 11

What do you like

Gogo 16

 I can swim

Gogo 17

You are big

Gogo 18

Were are hungry

Gogo 19

She gots a towel

Gogo 20

 I want to jumper

Gogo 21

Where's gogo

Gogo 22

What's doing

Gogo 23

 What are we doing

Gogo 24

Were building

a tree house

Gogo 25

Where are you going

Gogo 26


Gogo 27

May I have a blanket

Gogo 28

Whose dress is it

Gogo 29

Thats a big dinosaur

Gogo 30

How much is that robot

Gogo 12

Do you like sausages

Gogo 13


Gogo 14

Have you got a ruler

Gogo 15

Lets eat